CarreerATC is a hub for all of your needs to become air traffic controller (ATC). Whether you are currently starting your career in this aviation industry as a controller, or want to become one as your dream’s career, we want to make your life easier.

Generally, an ATC manages all aspects of an aircraft’s flight. The priority of the ATC is the safety of the aircraft and its passengers other than ensuring that the departures and arrivals are on the dot. Controllers are also required to monitor the en-route phase of any aircraft with the use of radar in tracking the exact position of such.

Salary-wise,air traffic controller jobs are one the most lucrative airport-related jobs. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) noted that the starting salary of an air traffic controller is $17,803 ($1,483 per month) by January 2010 to present. Such an amount is only the salary of entry level trainees. When a recruit is assigned to any facility, the pay will be increased to $37,070 ($3,089 monthly).

We realize that many of you who are interested in becoming an air traffic controller do not know what is required, or what the exact paths you must take.

Additionally, requirements needed in becoming air traffic controller is vary from country to country.

This is why we created CareerATC – to guide you in this industry.