ATC Requirements – Be Prepared!

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While application requirements differ depending on the air traffic control school, the bottom line is there are many requirements that you need to prepare and undergo if you want to become an air traffic controller (ATC). There are several ways to determine if you are eligible to become an ATC, some of which are discussed below.   1) Legal Depending on the country where you are … [Read more...]

Important Tips On Being An Air Traffic Controller

Every year, more and more people are expressing their interest to be a ‘guardian of the sky.’ Now more than ever, the appeal to become an air traffic controller (ATC) is stronger and with reasons that are beyond the air traffic controller salary. However, being an ATC is not an easy job. It is good to know that there are many practical tips and advices that you may consider if you want to be an … [Read more...]

Air Traffic Controllers And Commonly Asked Questions During An Interview

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Even if you are eligible and have all the necessary air traffic controller requirements include our recommended ATC resume template, you still need to pass interviews. Yes, you read it right – interviews. There are actually several interviews before you may become a certified air traffic controller (ATC). As with any other career, you must prepare for the interview. The National Air Traffic … [Read more...]

Finding Air Traffic Controller Jobs

air traffic controller jobs

After acquiring your air traffic controller (ATC) certification, the next best thing is to apply for an ATC job. Be reminded that an ATC has several responsibilities although this will generally depend on your specific role which means that this job, no matter how rewarding and financially fulfilling it may be, is not for everybody. Here are some ways on how you can look for air traffic controller … [Read more...]

Skills Needed To Become An Air Traffic Controller


If you want to be an air traffic controller (ATC), you must be aware that performing the role requires special skills. This job is so unique that it requires a special set of core skills. Anyhow, most of the skills can be learned more so since the learning materials of air traffic control school are geared toward learning and applying the skills, so there is no reason for you not to consider being … [Read more...]

How To Become An Air Traffic Controller


Becoming an ATC As guardians of the sky, an air traffic controller has many duties and responsibilities. If you want to know how to become an air traffic controller, this article will guide you in your goal to become one. Training to become an ATC is not without difficulties more so because the selection process is both strenuous and strict.   1) Earn an ATC degree The Federal … [Read more...]

How Much does Air Traffic Controllers Make In A Month?


Salary-wise, air traffic controller jobs are one the most lucrative airport-related jobs. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) noted that the starting salary of an air traffic controller is $17,803 ($1,483 per month) by January 2010 to present. Such an amount is only the salary of entry level trainees. When a recruit is assigned to any facility, the pay will be increased to $37,070 ($3,089 … [Read more...]

A Typical Workday For An Air Traffic Controller


Becoming an air traffic controller (ATC) is not without difficulties. There are many skills and abilities required which you will learn while undergoing an air traffic controller training. Also, there are also many activities, tasks and duties that must be carried out daily on his or her post at the control tower or control center. An air traffic controller has general duties and they also have … [Read more...]

Air Traffic Controller As A Career


Upon graduating in the FAA Academy-required air traffic controller training, you will be assigned to a facility. You will now be known as a developmental controller and will be known as such upon the completion of all requirements towards an air traffic controller (ATC) certification and thus become a full pledged ATC. It takes about 2 up to 4 years for a developmental controller to complete the … [Read more...]